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Whatever the challenge or complexity, we always adapt our solutions to fit our client’s world.

Whatever the challenge or complexity, we always adapt our solutions to fit our client’s world. It is our ability to create new tailored service offerings quickly from our standard service elements that allows us to keep adding value to our clients as their business and environment change.

If you are looking to outsource your testing services we offer a range of solutions. Our flexible solutions encompass local teams, offshore services or a mix of local presence with offshore delivery.

We provide dedicated teams, supported by testing and business specialists as required, that focus on the technologies, solutions and services you provide. They are highly experienced and have access to our considerable testing capability in the form of the Acutest accelerator: our knowledge base of tools, techniques, templates, processes and benchmarks.

Our extensive testing activities enable us to be at the forefront of testing innovation and we use our experience to keep your solutions at the leading edge of advances in testing practices and frameworks.

We provide managed test solutions to organisations of all shapes and sizes, ranging from boutique software solution providers to large enterprises with constantly changing testing needs.

It is important to know how your product, system or service will operate before it is exposed to your customers. Aspects such as, will it perform well when many customers are using it, will it be secure, will it be reliable, is it usable by my target audience, is it easy to manage and does it meet appropriate regulations?

These are often called non-functional requirements and can typically be the most complex areas to test, poorly defined and left too late to test, leading to costly business damaging issues.

Our unique approach combines technical, testing and business expertise to focus on business value and allow you to make informed decisions at the right time. Our catalogue of non-functional requirements has been built over many years of experience and over 1000’s of projects across various industries and technologies (as a tool) to help refine, improve and fill in any gaps so that testing becomes more valuable and risks of damaging issues in live is significantly reduced.

Test automation can bring significant benefits, through speeding up testing or increasing test coverage and should be part of any effective testing solution. However, many of the available test automation services and approaches fail to deliver real value.

Test automation is the process of using software and environments to automatically execute test activity. Benefits of test automation include:

  • Reducing the time taken to executes tests
  • Reducing the manual resources needed to execute tests
  • Increasing the coverage of tested combinations and paths
  • Reducing common manual testing problems such as error prone complex tasks, test data preparations, monotonous activities, use of out of hours IT resources, repeatability and consistency

We have helped our clients achieve success through our unique test automation service, which combines:

  • Industry best practice
  • Experience with opensource and low cost proprietary test tools and development environments
  • Experience automating tests for a wide range of industries and technology platforms
  • Use of existing, flexible, reusable components that allow us to accelerate engagement
  • An approach that is driven by business value to provide sustainable test automation solutions
  • A service that enables those who are not test automation experts including your own business subject matter experts to write automated tests

Our proven and flexible approach and components can quickly provide value for your business


Is IT delivery getting harder? Technology is certainly growing ever more complex and diverse with greater interconnectivity and integration needs. And IT projects continue to underestimate the difficulty of IT change whilst over-estimating how close they are to completion. But this was ever so. The new ingredient making IT delivery more demanding is the customer expectation of faster release cycles with a higher quality user experience: trying to squeeze more into shorter timescales.


Its not surprising that so many projects are struggling to meet their deadlines and deliver their business benefits. An article in Computer Weekly identified that the success rate for people who set out to climb Mount Everest is higher than the success rate of IT projects to meet their business case (25% compared to 16%). The obstacles facing these projects are not as formidable as Everest but they appear to be more difficult to conquer.


We have drawn on our experience over the last 15 years working on 1000's of IT projects to create a service to help projects that are overrunning: our Sprint Finish service. This service helps concentrate projects and accelerate delivery to meet deadlines by:


    We use Acutest's risk assessment approach to concentrate on the project elements with the highest business impact of failure and likelihood of failure.


    We use Acutest's principle-centred testing approach to eliminate activities which are not contributing to getting across the finishing line; and initiate actions that increase the speed of testing, such as implementing appropriate test automation.


    We use Acutest's reporting framework to create timely management information from the wealth of data generated during testing to support decision making and help stakeholders determine the readiness of the system or service to go-live.


We use our collateral and cross-industry experience to accelerate engagement and value gained from any test activities, even when you believe you have left it too late to test. So if you are on a project which looks like it will miss key deadlines, please call us and see how Sprint Finish can help you in the dash to delivery and unlock information that will significantly improve the business and go live decisions.

On many change programmes, testing will take up a significant portion of the time, resources and budget. But will receive less management attention than an activity of this size warrants. Our test management services enable programme and project managers to take firm control of testing and QA and keep it closely aligned with their programme and business objectives.

Our test management services have been used by large supply side organisations and client-side end user organisations alike. Based on the value we add, we have been retained by our clients to manage the testing resources of the vast majority of the leading offshore IT services organisations as well as manage teams that combine test resources from multiple organisations into an effective unit.

Our test managers have on average over 10 years experience in this field as well as access to the Acutest accelerator: our knowledge base of tools, techniques and templates that we have built on the experience of 1000’s of testing projects we have successfully completed.

There are many reasons why organisations come to the conclusion that they need help improving their testing. However, once they have decided this they are faced with the difficult decision of what approach to take.

There are many drivers for testing change and many structured and academic frameworks available for test improvement. All built around mythical best practice that can be adapted for any organisation and designed to fit all situations, which tend to promise more than they deliver.

The Acutest approach is built around your programmes and projects, looking at the costs, risks and benefits you are facing. We believe testing needs to be built into your programme delivery not added onto it and our framework is built on this foundation. Our approach enables you to achieve dramatic and lasting improvements in all four elements of our test transformation framework. The improvement is dependent only upon your ambition and extent of your appetite for change.


I would like to say how terrific you were and that you located all the “Keeping up is no longer enough: keeping ahead by evolutionary change is not enough either. Only radical step change gives us a competitive edge for an appreciable length of time. Acutest has not only given us the capability to make a radical change; it has taken the lead and shown us that it can be done in the reality of our business.”