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Our top five blog posts of 2015 are:

The Illusion of testing #TheDress

A post in our series on the illusion of testing which looks at the optical illusion of #TheDress. Could that hashtag be responsible for this being the top post?

How chaos boosts performance

An overview of the chaos approach taken by Netflix to test performance and resilience. Would you want a monkey smashing things around at your place? Netflix do. And now they have invited an unruly, oversized gorilla.

CDO: who is that?

Is CDO the Chief Data Officer or the Chief Digital Officer? Or Career Development Opportunities, or Collaboration Data Objects or Classified Documents Officer or ...

The Imitation Game: decoding responses when the answer is not clear

Looking at how proxy tests, such as the Turing test and Lovelace test, can help us test when we don't know the expected results. Think big data.

Seeing failure or looking for success

Should the primary reason you test be to find defects? Read on ...

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