We concentrate solely on testing and assurance services. Having said that, we offer a wide portfolio of services in this specialist niche.

Our approach

Whatever the complexity, we always adapt our services so they fit into our client’s world. And it is the ability to create new tailored service offerings quickly from our standard service elements that allows us to keep adding value to our clients as their business and environment change.

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On many programmes and large projects, testing will take up a significant portion of the budget. But it will receive less management attention than an activity of this size warrants. At Acutest, we help programme and project managers define what they want to achieve from testing; deliver the testing benefits and maximise the return on the resources used.

And testing is not just about reducing risk - it is also about increasing control. By aligning the testing objectives with the business objectives and by increasing the effectiveness of testing both can be delivered.

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Our testing transformation services enable you to maximise the value you derive from testing. As with all our services it’s designed for test reduction: reducing the time spent testing, the cost of testing and the risks to going live.

Identifying and mandating good practice is not enough, You also need to tackle why programmes and projects fail in testing services, why test process improvement is inadequate on its own, and how you can overcome the pejorative view people often have of testing which itself can stifle progress.

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Testing as a Service enables you to set up advanced testing infrastructure quickly, pre-configured for Acutest’s proven test framework and without upfront costs for tools or technical infrastructure . Building on our flexible Cloud based solution, Acutest offers a range of services on a very efficient economic model.
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Software testing outsourcing means different things to different people. It can range from bringing in an extra resource to moving responsibility for testing to an external organisation. At Acutest we provide a number of outsourced options, including virtual teams, onshore and offshore options.

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