Reporting as a Service quotes

Reporting as a Service is about giving you visibility of what is really happening in testing, to better inform stakeholders in understandable business terms and to give the test and delivery teams the tools they need to operate effectively.

  • Appropriate information for different audiences: dashboard of readiness for production through to which defects to retest first.
  • Delivered in the right format and channels; Mobile devices (for example take a look at a Blackberrry-friendly chart) through to drill-down operational report spreadsheet.
  • Mining useful information from test data to improve the productivity of testing and project delivery
  • Have all this produced reliably every day, without having to build a new team, endure lengthy setup or buy lots of tools.

Acutest will take a feed of data from whatever sources available (e.g. HP Quality Center, Microsoft Visual Studio, Jira, Excel spreadsheets and many others) and extract into Acutest's data framework on which the Acutest reporting tools run. The full reporting requires certain fields in the source data, but basic data of tests and defect is enough to support the core reports.

Reports are targeted to the audience:

  • Stakeholder : What is working, what are the risks for business launch; Have I got what I paid for?
  • Programme delivery : which suppliers have caused delays, what are the weak areas of the delivery project
  • Test management: which areas of testing need improvement? How to the team compare with each other and the rest of industry, am I spending the right amount in the right places
  • Operational: are fixes coming with right priority,, which tests should I be running next?

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