If you about to embark on a new development project or in the early stages of project setup, then you can benefit from Acutest’s progressive acceptance testing approach. With this approach to testing, we ensure that acceptance testing doesn’t just happen at the end of the project, often adding significant delay to the system going into operation.

This proven approach saves elapsed time, money and prevents surprises occurring just before the scheduled go live date. It is built on one of our core principles: fail fast – where problems are uncovered as early as possible in the development and test lifecycle, rather than postponing problems for future phases of testing.

Progressive acceptance testing enables a continuous, clear and independent view of both progress and status to be reported to the key stakeholders. Providing information in this manner enables participants to gain confidence and go live more quickly than using other acceptance techniques.

Progressive acceptance testing helps you:

  • save time and money by reducing the number of unnecessary tests being written and executed and eliminating duplication of test effort
  • seize the opportunity to go-live early (or as early as possible) with measured confidence
  • make sure that the business gets the system it really wants

Progressive acceptance testing services

For many years Acutest has been helping organisations control and reduce the risks associated with acceptance testing by implementing innovative and practical solutions to manage testing, provide effective supplier engagement and ensure that you have confidence to go-live when you need to.

Acutest can help you:

  • prioritise testing to minimise business risk so that more important activities are completed first, providing confidence early in the development lifecycle;
  • make your acceptance criteria complete, measurable and achievable. This ensures confidence is gained by achieving the success criteria as early as possible;
  • engage productively with your supplier or development team so that test activities are carried out transparently and every opportunity is taken to discover defects early;
  • understand the progress you are making towards acceptance and going live by providing testing governance throughout the project lifecycle;
  • up-skill your teams by providing hands-on and tailored training courses, such as our UAT (User acceptance testing training course or our testing training workshops or additional experienced staff to support your project.

If you'd like to find out more bout how you can benefit from progressive acceptance testing, then please contact us:+44 (0)20 7917 2838.

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