Performance testing tools help you create a realistic, repeatable and resource efficient solution.

At Acutest, we specialise in testing services: we do not make software test tools. We are also completely independent from all testing tool providers. However, we do work closely with the major performance test tool vendors to ensure our skills and understanding remain up-to-date. This approach has enabled us to become objective experts in the field of and testing tools.

Evaluating performance test tools

The performance test tools available differ in many ways such as functionality, cost, ease of use, support services, environments, technologies and protocols supported. Some are specialised for particular applications. For example, HP SAP LoadRunner is adapted and extending specifically for performance testing SAP implementations. So if you’re selecting a testing tool, contact us or call us on +44 (0)20 7917 2838, and our performance testing specialists can help you in the evaluation and selection of the tool that provides best value for your situation.

As an alternative to a load test tool you may want to consider a cloud load testing service, where the testing tool and the testing activity are combined into a single service which you use as and when you need it. This is an element of testing-as-a-service and can enable you to conduct load testing without having the costs of tool licenses, tool maintenance and support and full-time specialist performance testers.

Load test tools overview

The list to the right of this text covers the major test tools for load, stress, scalability and performance that we work with at Acutest. An overview of each of these testing tools is provided via the links in the list.

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