Mobile device testing requirements

The rise in popularity of smart devices has fuelled growth in the mobile application market. Smartphones (such as Apple iPhone or RIM Blackberry) and mobile devices (such as the Apple iPad tablet and Samsung Galaxy tab) are being joined by numerous other new devices increasing customer choice.

But this increase in variety poses problems for testing. An application needs to tested on a range of different devices, platforms and operating systems, technologies and networks to ensure that it works as intended in the customers’ end environment. And these combinations are constantly changing, requiring continuous investment in new mobile device combinations.

Coupled with this, the cycle time for mobile application development is getting shorter. More testing crammed into a shorter timescale.

Digital device test lab

To meet this need Acutest has developed its mobile device testing service. Our test lab is equipped for a full range of digital device testing, including smartphone testing and tablet testing.

    The test lab uses only real devices. Simulators and harnesses can introduce latency, security and housekeeping issues. We will help you select the technology combinations that your customers use to conduct content, functionality and compatibility testing.
    We use only experienced test teams. Our test consultants are specialists in mobile and web application testing. They work together to ensure that your testing goals are achieved quickly. This includes focusing on the finding defects in the areas of highest impact (rather than just highest likelihood which can occur in the pay per defect model).
    We provide an optimised testing service. Acutest is a specialist testing company. We have proprietary collateral which we have developed over the years and is built into this service. This includes our customer experience testing framework and usability testing services, and our Acutest accelerator tools and techniques to speed up testing,
    We supply end-to-end testing beyond the device. We can test your mobile application and how it interacts with applications, including enterprise systems, and web services. We can also provide end-to-end non-functional services such as security, scalability, performance, load and stress testing.

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