Migration testing

If you've ever migrated to new software applications or converted from one IT platforms or infrastructures to another you'll be aware of the risks in this activity. Fear of these risks results in many businesses remaining with legacy systems, unable to take advantage of the rapid advances in technology and IT products and systems.

For those organisations that do migrate their IT solutions or business data there is a balance to be struck between the time and cost it takes to move and the risks involved. Since most companies aren't constantly migrating applications and infrastructures they are usually short of staff with the necessary skills and experience.

We have developed our migration testing services to meet this need. This approach has been proven to work in different business environments and is independent of technology or application type. One of the key elements of a successful data migration is the conversion of the business data into the required format. This data is often extremely valuable and needs to be treated accordingly. It is also often incomplete, inconsistent or inaccurate so data clean-up is a key element of data migration. Our risk-based approach ensures that the critical data conversion is prioritised by the impact and likelihood of failure.

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