Working closely with our customers who are delivering services ranging from lotteries to holidays, Acutest has a real focus on ensuring that our customers deliver a great service consistently.

One of our focus areas in the leisure and travel sector has been performance and load testing. Even when you are booking a holiday where you will just relax and chill-out, you want the web-site to be fast. In these cases, our load cannon enables us to simulate the peaks of traffic expected by our customers and to detect problems long before they might be seen by their customer.

Our customers working in this sector have millions of their own customers (or members) and their IT infrastructure is mission critical to delivering the service. Our consultants and managers have tested large change projects which have included CRM services, web portals and on-line booking.

Acutest is a natural choice for leisure orientated businesses where the buying experience is intended to be part of the customer's pleasure.

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