Companies with disaster recovery plans are assumed to be actively engaged in reducing their risk. The irony is that, for many of them, they become complacent because they have a false sense of security built on the existence of their DR plans.

To ensure you are ready to take appropriate action when a disaster strikes you need to test your disaster recovery plans. Some companies will feel this doesn't apply to them because they conducted disaster recovery testing when their systems and processes were put in place. But remember: the environment, the company, the technology and the range of cost effective solutions available are constantly changing.

DR plans will need to be reviewed and tested frequently to take these changes into account. Fear about the time and cost of testing DR stops many companies putting good intention into practice. But it doesn't have to be like that and that's where Acutest come in. Our structured testing approach will ensure that you minimise the amount of testing you need to conduct. And as with our business continuity testing services, our risk-based testing techniques will help contain costs and business disruption.

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