Business continuity is not just about IT systems. It covers the whole business so that it can continue regardless of what problems are encountered. Careful business continuity planning can help prevent problems escalating into disasters. But for the business managers to have confidence in their business continuity plans these need to be tested. This area is frequently overlooked because of concerns about its complexity, the disruption it could cause and the costs. But it doesn't have to be like that. Testing business continuity need not be an onerous task or even expensive.

Our services help you through this difficult area. They include:

  • Business continuity verification: Business continuity plans need to be revised as the environment within which the business operates changes. Our service ensures that you have an expert assessment of your plans to verify they are fit for purpose.
  • Business continuity testing: Our approach includes a range of structured techniques including:
    • Walkthroughs and desk checking
    • Scenario testing
    • Communications testing
    • Disaster recovery testing
    • Full business continuity test
  • Business continuity consultancy: Our experienced team of business continuity experts can also help you address any of the issues you may find during verification and testing.

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