Automation as a Service

Acutest Test Automation as a Service offers automated execution of your web application testing without the hassle purchasing tools, setting up environments or learning new coding languages. Utilising the most up to date test frameworks available, hosted in the cloud, and without incurring any test tool licensing costs, this service gives a rapid, low cost entry to automation.

Test Automation is ideal for regression testing, for repetitive tasks, for tests that use lots of varying data or even test data creation tasks. A good automation suite allows you to quickly determine the status of an applications functionality and to free up the tester time to complete the more complex targeted testing activities.

The first step is that Acutest works with you to analyse your application and testing needs. Following its proven risk-based testing approach Acutest would jointly identify the most valuable areas for automation and extend the key word configuration to enable automation of the specific areas of the web application. The automation framework is then configured for you application and then you are ready to go with creating tests.

Test creation can be done by your testers or business users or by Acutest resources. Tests can be executed at any time, with as few or as many run as required. Results are presented instantly in an easily accessible format.

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